Stressless Moving

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Moving locally can be a tiresome process and one which can place a great deal of strain on your relationship if not handled properly. However, with careful planning, you can overcome these difficulties and make it into a productive and harmonious activity. One of the best things you can do is prepare your packing and your new house in plenty of time so that you and your partner can move in and enjoy yourselves as soon as possible. 

Pre-clean Magic

When you're carrying in boxes into a new home, it can make the place cluttered and a bit of a nightmare to clean. A useful thing you can do prior to moving day is to hoover, dust and air out your new place before moving in. You won't have move furniture and boxes out of the way to clean when you clean before moving, and this in itself will minimise the amount of dust produced. Even though you'll need to clean again after unpacking, doing it early will reduce your overall cleaning time and allow you to deep clean. This is a great stress reliever as there's nothing worse than having a beautiful new house and not being able to enjoy it as soon as you want. 

Moving Day 

When it does come to moving day, why don't you put together a handy survival pack? Inside will be a number of essential items to help you overcome further stress. Even though local removals are close to home, most of your things will be packed away, so try to create an overnight bag. Inside you can put in spare clothes, a medical bag, tea, coffee and some toiletries to help you freshen up. If you think the move will take even longer, then pack some simple games such as as a pack of cards. You can even bring disposable cutlery and plates so that you can enjoy the all-important take-away meals you'll probably have to get without the need to wash up plates afterwards. 

Unpack Fast

Unpacking is a lot faster if you know what is in each box. Take a sheet of paper and write down what the box contains. You can also write down which room the box belongs in to further reduce unpacking time and stress. If you have children you can even get them to help beforehand by letting them draw pictures on the side of the box. It'll help them stay occupied and give them a sense of achievement when you finish the move.