What Impacts the Cost of Hiring a Residential Furniture Removal Service?

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If you are getting ready to move soon, then you might be thinking about hiring a furniture removal service. This is often the best way to have your furniture moved to your new home without being damaged, and it can often help you get your move completed more quickly without renting equipment or straining yourself physically. Even though you might know that hiring one of these companies is going to be worth it when you move, you could still be curious about what the cost is going to be. Most residential furniture removal services will give you a quote before moving any of your household items, but these are some of the things they'll probably look at when giving you a quote.

How Big Is Your Home?

The size of your home is one thing that you will probably be asked about when you contact one of these services. After all, typically, bigger homes have more furniture than smaller homes. This means that when helping with a move from a bigger home, many residential furniture removal services have to charge a little more for their services. However, this can obviously vary; in some cases, smaller homes actually have more furniture and items that need to be moved than bigger houses do.

How Soon Do You Need to Have the Job Done?

In some cases, you can ask for expedited service. If you need to get moved out of your existing home as soon as possible — such as if your lease is about to come to an end — then you might need to ask for expedited service. Then, they might give you priority scheduling and might send out a bigger crew to help with moving everything more quickly, but you might be charged a little more for the service.

Do You Have Any Oversized or Overly Heavy Items?

Of course, your residential furniture removal professionals will expect to have to do some heavy lifting. If you have items that are oversized or particularly heavy, however — such as a water bed or a full-size piano — then you should expect to pay a little bit more to have these items moved.

Will They Have to Pack Anything Up For You?

Furniture removal services often move more than just furniture. If you have them move your packed boxes for you, you can save money over asking them for help with packing and then moving some of your household items.