How To Prepare For A Holiday Move

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Most people opt to move during the holidays since they do not have work engagements. However, executing a holiday move can be pretty challenging if you are not well prepared. Below is an excerpt with some holiday moving tips. 

Book Your Removalist Early 

Other homeowners and business people would want to hire removalists to move them during holidays. Therefore, there is a probability that your local removal services will be fully booked during the holidays. The best approach is to hire the removalist several weeks in advance. This way, you have adequate time to vet the removalist and negotiate the moving conditions and the pricing. If you make a late booking, the removalist could charge more since their services are in demand. 

Determine the Need for Additional Services

Most businesses remain closed during the holidays. Therefore, assess your moving needs to establish whether you need additional services to execute the move. For instance, when moving to a smaller property, you could need storage services in your new residence. On the other hand, if you own bulky furniture, you might need a forklift to prevent damage and accidents as you load and offload the items. You could also need a flatbed truck to move your classic car or ATV. Your removalist is best suited to organise these services. It protects you from the inconveniences of hiring and managing multiple service providers as you move home or office. 

Prepare Your Family or Employees

Inform your family members and employees about the relocation several weeks in advance. This way, they have adequate time to prepare. For instance, your kids might want to return borrowed toys and books. If some of your family members own pets, they should find cages or baskets to contain them during the move. If you intend to move your office, your employees might need to reorganise their schedule to ensure they do not have any urgent tasks or meetings on moving day. Moreover, they should pack confidential documents and personal items before the removalist arrives at your premises. 

Assess the Road Network 

Most roads are busy during the holidays. Therefore, you should assess the road network to establish a suitable route to use. After all, you do not want to be stuck in traffic jams as you move your home or office. Google maps and traffic databases are reliable methods of assessing traffic conditions. Moreover, conduct a weather forecast to avoid inconveniences such as heavy rainfall, storms, and wildfires. 

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