How to Prepare a Piano for a Move

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Moving a heavy, awkward piano is best left to a professional furniture remover, who will have all the right equipment to move the instrument safely. However, you may want to prepare your treasured instrument for the move yourself.

Here's how to prepare your piano for its move.

How to prepare a piano for removal

  1. Begin by wrapping the body of your piano in special furniture blankets to give it protection against knocks and scrapes. Your furniture removals professional will be able to provide you with blankets. Don't be tempted to use duvets and the like as these can be very slippery against the piano's surface when handled, potentially leading to disaster when the piano is lifted and moved. Use tape to fix the blankets securely in place so that they don't slip off when the piano is moved.  
  2. Shut the piano lid and lock it if you have a key. If it isn't possible to lock the lid, use stretch tape to wrap it tightly. It's important that the lid doesn't come open when the piano is in transit so that the keys aren't damaged.  
  3. If you're leaving the piano's legs attached, clean the casters to make sure that they are free from dust or carpet fibres. Clean casters ensure that the piano will move smoothly across the floor onto the moving dolly when the furniture removers come to collect it.  
  4. If possible, remove any bits that stick out from the piano, such as the lyre or the legs. Removing these parts and packing them separately can prevent them from becoming chipped and damaged. Make a note of where each bit belongs (take photos if necessary) and remember to pack suitable tools with which to reassemble the instrument.  
  5. Finally, wrap the whole piano in professional grade shrink wrap to make sure that all your padding stays tight and in place.  
  6. When you arrive at your destination and unpack your piano, don't be surprised if it has gone slightly out of tune. Leave the piano for a few days and then see if the tuning has corrected itself. If it's still not right, you may have to have the piano professionally tuned.

In conclusion

Moving a valuable, heavy instrument like a piano is a very tricky process that is best left to a professional furniture or piano removal contractor. However, you can prepare your instrument for the move by following the steps outlined above.