Tips On Packing and Storing Shoes For Moving

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When it comes to packing for a move, your wardrobe is something you usually pack yourself. If you have lots of shoes, you'll want to make sure that they arrive at your new home in good condition.

Here are some tips on packing your collection of shoes for moving.

Sort out what you don't want

Before you begin packing, sort out what you want to keep. Any worn or damaged footwear that is of no further use should be thrown out. Shoes that you don't wear but are in good condition should also be thrown away or given to charity.

There's no point carting a lot of shoes with you that are never worn.

Prepare your shoes

Go through all the shoes that you want to take with you and check for any minor repairs that are necessary, for example, worn heels or soles, and have the shoes mended.

Give the shoes a good clean to get rid of dust and dirt.  Make sure the shoes are dry; damp trapped inside the moving crates will quickly cause mould to form, especially during warm weather.

Pack your shoes

It's a good idea to pack your shoes with scrunched up paper to help them keep their shape during transit. Use proper packing paper for this job, as newspaper can transfer print to the shoes, leaving stains. Boots should be packed right up to the top to prevent them from creasing.

If you have high heels to pack, wrap the heels in bubble wrap to protect them during the move.

If possible, pack your shoes in the boxes they were supplied in, and then stack the boxes in sturdy, purpose-made moving boxes to prevent them from being crushed during the move.  If you don't have shoe boxes, lay the shoes in pairs in a moving box, alternating the direction of the shoes to save space. Put heavy shoes on the bottom of the box and lighter ones on top to avoid crushing.

Pack shoes that you are likely to need straight away in a clearly labelled box so that you can find them easily.

Use strong packing tape to reinforce the bottom seam of the moving boxes.  If it's a wet day, use plastic wrap to protect the boxes from moisture and keep your shoes dry.

In conclusion

If you have a treasured collection of designer footwear, follow the tips given above to make sure that all your shoes arrive at your new home in perfect condition. 

These tips are also useful if you need to pack your shoes for storage while you move between homes or take an extended vacation.