Three Rustic Storage Solutions for Your Living Room

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Are you sick of storage that's boring, ugly, and lacking in character? There are plenty of ways to make your living room storage a feature of the room, rather than something you want to hide away. With some smart design choices and clever repurposing, you can create a wonderful rustic effect, perfect for country cottages or period homes. Wooden crates can be turned into handy shelving units, wicker baskets are a great place to store loose odds and ends, and old-fashioned metal buckets are perfect for anything you need to access regularly. Here are some inventive ideas on rustic living room storage.

Repurposed wooden crates

If you've recently moved, chances are you have plenty of wooden crates on hand. If not, they're inexpensive to buy - some companies may even give away excess crates for free. Wooden crates can be used to create shelving units in a variety of configuration, so you can create a storage unit the perfectly suits your needs. Stacking two of three crates creates an attractive end table with multiple shelves. Single crates can be attached to the wall to create a unique floating shelf effect. Stack crates in a pyramid formation to create a unique unit that's ideal for storing shoes, toys and books—perfect if your kids tend to make a mess of the living room.

Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets have a lovely rustic feel and are ideal for storing those little bits and pieces that tend to get lost. TV remotes and controllers for games consoles can be kept looking neat and tidy, without being out of reach in a cupboard. Medium sized baskets are great for storing videos, DVDs and games, and larger baskets are perfect for storing space cushions or throws ready for chilly evenings.

Old-fashioned metal buckets

Old-fashioned metal buckets are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, often with interesting stamps or designs on the sides. While these buckets are popular for planting flowers and herbs, they're also excellent for storage. Smaller buckets are ideal for keeping pens and pencils organised, ideal if you often work from the living room or have children who like to get creative. Larger buckets are great for keeping craft supplies or hobby items organised. You could store knitting tools, a sewing kit, scrapbooking essentials or origami supplies. The possibilities are endless, and you can use as many buckets as you need to keep everything organised.