Moving House: Four Essential Tips for Removing Large Appliances

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Moving appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and cookers from your old house to your new one can be challenging. If you are not careful, the expensive units could sustain permanent damage, necessitating replacement. Besides, the heavy appliances can cause damage to the new or old home, and the repair costs could be significant. Here are some simple guidelines to help you ensure that the move is smooth and uneventful.

Acquire a Moving Dolly

You should not attempt to move your household appliances without the right equipment. Handling the items by hand could cause accidental unit damage, and you might sustain injury due to their massive weight. Therefore, you should look for an appliance dolly for the process. You can purchase this wheeled equipment from a local store, but you will reduce your moving expenses by renting one from your chosen removal company. 

Wrap the Unit

One of the common problems which occur during appliance removal is the denting of the units. In simple terms, the external structure will often come into contact with walls, door frames and similar structures. The physical impact will translate into the degradation of the household appliance. Therefore, you should obtain some moving blankets and wrap them around the units. These blankets will absorb the impact and protect from mechanical damage.

Use Sliders 

You should never drag your appliances across the floor during the removal process. This bad practice usually causes the deterioration of the floors, especially if the surfaces are wooden. Besides, the dragging action can have a negative impact on the internal mechanisms of the appliance. Ideally, you should rent a slider or glider from your removal company. This sliding pad will allow you to move the heavy units around the home with ease while protecting the floors from damage. 

Secure the Appliance

When you load the appliances on your moving dolly, you should secure the units using furniture straps. If the machines are allowed to stand freely on the equipment, there is a high risk that they could topple when you move. Furniture straps will stabilise the appliances, protecting them from accidental damage. If you cannot find furniture straps, you should look for appropriate rope for the same purpose. A few rolls of stretch tape will also work.

Removing household appliances is one of the most difficult processes that you must handle during your moving house project. Therefore, you should not conduct this process alone. You should hire removal experts for optimal efficiency and safety. Contact your local removals team for more information and assistance.