Tips on how to get rid of unwanted clutter when moving

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One of the most challenging activities that one has to undertake as a homeowner is moving. When you have lived in one place for a long period, it is common to accumulate things that you do not necessarily need, but haven't thought of disposing. When you start planning to move, you have to start assessing the importance of some of the things, especially when you want to start fresh. Getting an appropriate way to dispose of all the extra items in the home is usually the biggest challenge for homeowners. 

Here are a few guidelines that can help you plan and get rid of clutter in the home before you move.

Start the sorting months before the move

Sorting through clutter at the last minute is a recipe for disaster because you might end up saving things you do not need or disposing things that you need. The best approach to de-cluttering is that as soon as you start thinking about the move, you should start thinking about what you need, and what you may have to leave behind. Move from one room of the house to the other, determining what is to be kept, and what needs to go.

Classify items during the sorting

The next step in the sorting process is classifying them. The main categories that you have to think about include things that you must take with you to the next place, things that you have outgrown, duplicate items such as having three coffee makers, items that you no longer use like sports equipment from college, and others. When you make these distinctions, it will be easy to determine what must be in the moving vehicle and what can remain.

Organise how to dispose your clutter

When you have determined what has to stay and what has to go, the next step is deciding how to dispose. There are several ideas that will work. If the stuff is in good enough condition to be resold, organise a garage sale, a moving sale, or sell the stuff online. On the other hand, if you feel that the stuff still has some sentimental value, you can give it away to family and friends. Finally, there is the option of donating to charity.

De-cluttering before you move will save you money and space. When it is done properly, the process also has the potential of earning you extra money. It is therefore important to take time, sort through your items and properly classify them before calling in local removals.