Moving House? Two Situations When You Should Hire a Furniture Removalist

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If you are in one of the following situations, you may need to enlist the help of some furniture removalists to ensure that your upcoming house move goes as planned.

1. Your new home has winding staircases and narrow doorways.

If you are moving into a house or an apartment building that features both winding staircases and narrow doorways, then it is definitely worth paying a furniture removalist to assist you with the moving process. Carrying sofas, bed frames, wardrobes and dining tables through these curved or narrow passageways without professional assistance could make your house move very stressful. This is largely because manoeuvring a heavy, wide and irregularly-shaped item through these spaces requires a lot of skill, physical strength and in some cases, specialist lifting equipment.

If you and your other household members are not physically strong and don't have the skills that trained furniture removalists do, there is a very good chance that something will go wrong. In this situation, it is very likely that either the furniture will become wedged on the winding staircase or in the doorway (in which case you may have to disassemble or even break it apart in order to remove it) or that you will scratch the walls or break the door frame whilst trying to squeeze it forwards.

In short, if you don't want to destroy your furniture or damage your new home whilst you're moving into it, it's important to get your furniture transported and carried into the new property by a professional furniture removalist.

2. You are recovering from a back injury.

If you hurt your back recently and are not yet fully recovered from this injury, then you should not attempt to move house without help from a furniture removalist. If you lift any type of heavy object incorrectly, you can put an enormous amount of strain on your spine, as well as the muscles and tendons in a person's back. If your back is already injured (for example, if you have pulled one of your muscles or have a herniated disc), and you pick up a chair or a table incorrectly, you may end up worsening your existing injury. This could prolong your recovery time, and even result in you needing additional treatment (such as physiotherapy and medication) and having to take extra time off work.

As such, in a situation like this, it would be far less risky to simply have a furniture removalist lift and carry your furniture.