How To Move Your Office

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Moving your office can be quite challenging. A successful office move requires ample preparation and the input of all parties involved. Below is a guide discussing how to plan and execute an office move. 


Your first task is to find a removalist experienced in office removals. Inquire about the removalist's availability and area of operation. Once you find a suitable removalist, explain to them the services that you need. For example, you could need temporary storage before you arrange the new premises. The removalist should then inspect your office to determine the items that you need to move. It will help them choose an appropriate removals truck and the required removals equipment. During the inspection, the professional will also appraise your office furniture and equipment. It will determine the amount of removals insurance that you need. 

Your office might have sophisticated equipment such as alarm systems, safes, CCTV systems and servers. If this is the case, you should hire experts to uninstall this equipment and fix them in your new premises. You will also need to plan how you will transport sensitive documents and any cash you may have in your office. 

A few weeks before the move, meet with your removalist and decide how you will move your office. For instance, what day and time will you move? What route will you use? You will need a quote of how much the removalist will charge. Typically, the removalist will ask you to pay a deposit. The remaining amount should be paid on the removals day. Reputable removalists will educate you on how you can save costs as you move. For instance, you could use recycled cartons, declutter your office or use backloading services. 


If you need storage space, inspect it before storing your items. You risk damaging your items if the container has pests or water leaks.

Contact your removalist a few days before your move and revisit the removal plan. Inform them of any changes. For example, if you would want to change the route or increase the number of items you will move.

As a rule, you must be present on the removals day. The removalist could need your help when dismantling furniture and finding parking space. Besides, you will guide them on the exits, elevators, and hallways to use.

Arranging your new premises could take a few days. As such, you should ask the removalist to pack essential and non-essential items separately. It ensures your office resumes operations in the soonest time possible. 

Moving your office should no longer be a complicated task. Observe the recommended planning and execution tips and work with a local removalist that understands your needs.