Key Survival Tips for Your Next House Move

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As soon as you're aware there's a house move on the horizon, you need to begin ruthlessly planning for the big day. Even with all the organisation in the world, if you skip certain survival tips you may find the experience more stressful than is necessary. Here are some key tips to follow.

Declutter in Advance

The chances are you have accumulated a lot of stuff you don't need over the last few years. Unless you want to drag it from place to place with you for the rest of your life, now's the time to declutter. Ditch anything that you're unlikely to use in the next 12 months or so. If you can, sell, donate or recycle rather than throw it away.

Schedule Daily Packing Time

After decluttering, you'll face the colossal task of packing everything you want to keep. While the task may seem monumental right now, it doesn't have to be. You'll be amazed at just how much you can achieve if you set aside half an hour each day to nothing but pack. If possible, ask someone else in your household to do the same.

Find Some Sitters

If you have pets or young children, they're likely to introduce logistical difficulties of their own on the big day. Wherever possible, schedule a sitter so you can focus purely on moving house. Doing this isn't only wise for you and the other adults in your household. It'll help your little ones and pets feel saner on the day too. That way, they'll feel settled when you introduce them to their new home and begin the settling-in period.

Pick Experienced Removalists

When you book a removalist, you need to choose a team that's responsible and has adequate experience. Don't go for the cheapest option purely to save money. If a quote seems too good to be true, there's a risk that they're cutting corners somewhere. Make sure the team you're choosing has adequate insurance, a clean van and the type of services you need. 

Eat a Good Breakfast

When the day of your house move arrives, don't be tempted to scoot through on caffeine and snacks. Set aside time to eat a good breakfast and keep other forms of sustenance to one side as the day progresses. Even if you're not getting too physical on the day itself, your focus and energy will require good nutrition in order for you to make it through feeling comfortable.

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